Saturday, 11 January 2014

Marsh Spider

Marsh Spider

Armor Class:     6 [13]
Hit Dice:           1-3 +2
Attack:              bite (1d6 + poison), web (special)
Special:             See Below
Move:               18
HDE/XP:          4/120 , 5/240, 6/400

Marsh Spiders are cousins to Great Spiders. They inhabit various marshes, bogs, swamps and some forests. The come in many sizes and colours. Marsh Spiders usually live in broods led by a Brood Mother, although solitary specimen and packs of these creatures are also possible to encounter. The toxin of Marsh Spiders (even the larger ones) is not as potent as that of a Giant Spider, so it requires a normal save vs. poison. 3/day Marsh Spiders can try to use a Sleep like effect with their bite and they have a 50% chance to succeed. They prefer to do so on large prey before hauling it back to their nest to devour it slowly. Marsh Spiders can also throw a gobbet of their web on their enemies, blinding them for 1 round. Lizardmen sometimes attempt to tame these beasts.


  1. Brilliant. More powerful version could also be used, where the spider uses web ability as spell of the same name - revenge on players overusing this spell, hehe.

  2. I leave it for the referees to decide, but I think that those 3+2 hd spiders could use it that way. And Brood Mothers (which I should design in a few days at most) will cerainly be abe to use their web also as the spell effect.