Saturday, 9 June 2012

D30 Table of Random NPC Quirks

The Finals are drawing nearer with every passing hour, but one cannot study all the time. And what can be more relaxing than compiling some random tables? Recently I've read about the Order of the d30, and shot a look at the stuff involving this particular, a bit peculiar, die shape. As I am a proud owner of a d30, I've decided to come up with a d30 generator of my own design.

d30 Table of Random NPC Quirks

The NPC:
01. is alergic to dust (sneezes loudly and whines a lot about it)
02. proclaims himself the Prophet of End Times
03. is possessed by an entity that is stuck inside his body (it wants to get out but it can't)
04. is a bastard of a local noble/aristocrat
05. has better claims to the throne than the actual ruler
06. is addicted to having his blood sucked by vampires
07. believes himself to be a werewolf
08. is schizofrenic
09. believes that dark eyes indicate that evil can look through them
10. has only one, unblinking eye in the middle of his face
11. thinks he's a minor character in a tale of some kind
12. has a slave mark
13. cannot use verbs
14. is a sentient version of one of the mindless undead
15. is a sentient weapon that somehow got reincarnated
16. dresses in flayed humanoid skin
17. has one arm made of stone
18. falls into rage when he sees figurines depicting horses
19. is on a noble quest to retrieve a holy relic
20. looks exactly like one of the characters
21. claims to be a descendant of one of the characters that came from the future with a warning
22. rides an exotic animal (zebra, polar bear, great wolf etc.)
23. can speak only through the parrot sitting on his shoulder
24. never looks the heroes straight in the eye
25. claims to be a giant trapped in the body of a halfling
26. is a wanted criminal
27. tries to sell the characters a red cloak that "gives the ability to fly"
28. has complete amnesia
29. took the vow of peace
30. roll twice

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