Sunday, 10 June 2012

Random Lizardmen Tribe Generator

There is a little project that I want to accomplish, but it'll be better if I do it in little pieces. This way, if in the middle of it I decide to stop, some material will already be online and ready to use. To be honest, yersterday the project itself was a locale in a swampy wilderness, but now I'll probably try to make it into a module or something similar. So, to add some background and denizens to the area I've come up with an idea of another random generator, this time for lizarmen tribes.

Generating a tribe consists of a number of steps:
  1. Determine size of the tribe
  2. Generate the first part of the name
  3. Generate the second part of the name
  4. Determine scale colour
  5. Determine preferred weapons

Roll 2d6 to detmine size of the tribe:
2. dying out (1-10, a leader, k3 children, k4 women)
3-4. small (2-20, a leader, a tribal hero, 1-3 priests, 100% noncombatants)
5-9. medium (4-40, a leader, 1 tribal hero for every ten warriors, 1-6 priests, 150% non-combatants )
10-11. big (8-80, a leader, 1 great tribal hero for every ten warriors, 1 tribal hero for every 5 warriors, 4-24 priests, 150% noncombatants)
12.great (16-160, a leader, 1 great tribal hero for every ten warriors, 1 tribal hero for every 5 warriors, 1 chosen of the gods, 4-24 priests, 175% noncombatants)

If you roll a number of tribe members corresponding to a lower value in the table, use numbers for that value.

Roll d20 to determine the first part of the tribe's name:
01. Poisonous
02. Venomous
03. Great
04. Black
05. Green
06. Blue
07. White
08. Yellow
09. Brave
10. Cunning
11. Silent
12. Bone
13. Marsh
14. Ivory
15. Amber
16. Cobalt
17. Emerald
18. Blessed
19. Hunting
20. Wild

Roll d20 to generate the second part of the tribe's name:
01. Snakes
02. Shadows
03. Spiders
04. Fangs
05. Claws
06. Talons
07. Tails
08. Crocodiles
09. Whispers
10. Lizard
11. Serpents
12. Ghosts
13. Monsters
14. Beasts
15. Scales
16. Children
17. Brood
18. Spawn
19. Teeth
20. Jaws

Roll a d8 to determine scale colour:
1. Black
2. Green
3. Orange
4. Red
5. Red-green
6. Black-orange
7. Navy
8. Green-brown

Roll 2d8 to determine preferred hand weapon:
2. sword
3. sword and shield
4. spear
5. spear and shield
6. axe
7. axe and shied
8. two-handed axe
9. none (claws)
10. club
11. great club
12. none (claws)
13. hammer
14. hammer and shield
15. two-handed hammer
16. long knife

Roll to determine preferred ranged weapon:
1. short bow
2. darts
3-4. javelin
5. none
6. sling


  1. Hey, this is pretty cool.

    Lizardmen are one of my favorite fantasy races, and I'm not sure why there isn't more material like this.

  2. A friend of mine gave this generator a try and he came up with four different tribes, and using scale colour and tribe names as guidelings he gave them all background and relations with each other :).

    As Im working on a marsh oriented module I want to give it a lizardmen theme of sort. So You can expect more material related with this race soon (as I said, I write this stuff during breaks in studying for my exams).

  3. I was going to use lizardmen a lot soon, so it's a good find. I'm designing megadungeon that is mainly about dwarves and lizardmen. Are you going to release that swamp module?

  4. Now, that's a good question. I certainly intend to (and if I do, it'll be free to use :) ), but there are so many things going on at the moment that I'm not certain when I'll have the time to get to grips with it (I run one campaign, play in another, have to spend a lot of time at the uni, and then even more translating from and to two different languages).

    But recently I've started to read and reread some stuff that sparks my imagination and love for OSR every time I do so. Today I have even thought of writing more stuff for this blog, and I hope I'll manage doing it.

    So, keep Your fingers crossed. Also, I do thank You for this comment, as it shows that people sometimes visit my little corner of the Internet :).