Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Lizardmen Tribal Hero

Lizardmen, Tribal Hero
Armor Class:  4[15]
Hit Dice:        3+1
Attack:          claws or weapon (1k6), depending on tribe
Special:          Underwater
Move:            6 (12 when swimming)
HDE/XP:        3/60

Tribal Heros are the veterans of the tribe. They survived many battles and ritual duels. Their hide is usally marked by many scars. Unlike their lesser kin, they tend to wear light armour made of cured hides of many hideous beasts that populate the marshes.They usually lead hunting packs of other lizardmen. Like all lizardmen they can swim very well and hold their breath for long durations or even breathe underwater.
It's not unusal for a Tribal Hero to accompany priests during their journeys.

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