Friday, 8 June 2012

The Dragon Roars!

The idea of starting a blog about RPG was in my mind for about a year now. Well, not. That would not be true. I already have one blog about this particular hobby, but it's in my native tongue. Honestly speaking, I still don't know about what I'll write here. There are various topics I'd like to cover, but only time will tell if I have enough will to do it.

The main reason behind this blog is to train writing. And I can't imagine a better training than writing about one's hobby. What can be expected? Reviews of the OSR stuff that is available for free (probably I'll translate the reviews of Swords & Wizardry and White Box that I've published on my Polish blog), the designer's log on my own work-in-progress retroclone (writing about it here can be a motivation to get the thing rolling and playtested), which I plan releasing for free both in Polish and English. I also plan to dwell upon what we can port to our games from novels and video-games.

I think that this will suffice for the first post. Game on!

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